Live Streaming

All disciplines and events will be live streamed during EWC There are 2 streaming solutions available One with 5 cameras available and commentary available at finals - Click here One with cameras per 4 lanes where you can choose from which lanes you want to see (No commentary and livescore on the picture) - Click

Live Streaming2022-08-11T10:43:07+02:00

Official Practice + LaneMapGuide

The Official Practice schedule has just been released The LaneMapGuide for Løvvang has been released as well

Official Practice + LaneMapGuide2022-08-10T17:25:54+02:00

1 day to go

FINALLY :-) It is real EWC 2022 is beginning, athletes and team officials are starting to arrive to Aalborg. We have really been looking forward to this for SUCH a long time - hoping for a lot of good bowling and days in Løvvang. Official Practice starts on Thursday and disciplin starts for real on

1 day to go2022-08-09T21:58:53+02:00

Length of Oil Pattern

The oil pattern will be published at the Team Managers meeting. The EBF Technical delegate and Kegel has decided that the length of the pattern will be 39 feet (+/- 1 ft.)  

Length of Oil Pattern2022-06-04T15:10:31+02:00

European Women Championships 2022 – POSTPONED

Here we go again….   The host of EWC2022, and EBF agrees with the decision, have decided to postpone the European Women Championships which was planned to be held in Aalborg, Denmark 9-20 February 2021   This postponement comes due to the status of COVID-19 in Denmark and many travel restrictions in place.   The

European Women Championships 2022 – POSTPONED2021-12-31T12:37:44+01:00

Registration open

The registration for the European Women Championships 2022 has been opened here Please note that EWC2022 will be qualifier for the World Games in July 2022, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, and will also be used as qualifier for IBF World Cup in 2022

Registration open2021-09-20T15:28:41+02:00

EWC 2022 Website

Welcome to the EWC 2022 website. This is brand new and based on a server solution provided by ETBF for upcoming championships. Trying to make things more simple and easy for visitors, participants and federation. Please get back to if you discover any bugs or is missing information.  

EWC 2022 Website2021-08-23T09:30:14+02:00
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